Dec 9, 2008

GIft Shopping for that hard-to-buy-for person? Also biodegradeable wrapping paper!

Well I was searching for cool stuff to buy for my parents. They have enough money to buy whatever they want so I have a hard time shopping for them. I planned to make them something but I ran out of time and was busy with other projects. Then I had and "AHA!" moment and remembered this cool site I bookmarked just for this occasion. It's called Neato stuff and it's a HUGE listing of neato stuff that you might not just stumble across anyday but could just be that PERFECT gift for that person you can't think of what to buy for. So if you are going through it as well, head straight to Neato Stuff. Also if you want to buy a gift for someone while making a difference in a shelter animal's life try checking the Animal Rescue Site store. All profits go towards feeding animals in shelters and they have lots of cool stuff! Lots of fair trade and jewelry, it's not all animal things. :) they have cheap shipping too! Also while on the site I came across this super awesome wrapping paper that has seeds embedded into it. So when you are done with it, the reciever can plant the paper and will get flowers! Cool huh? Way better than all that wasteful super glossy crap.


  1. Presents in my house get wrapped with newspaper. It's cheaper. and that way no-one thinks they have to "save" the paper.

  2. That's great, anything reused, recycled, compostable, etc... is fair game for wrapping gifts in my book! :) I used to use paper grocery bags, but now we use our own bags at the store so... and we don't get the paper! Basically anything I can find that's clean and we also save all our old gift bags and fancy boxes so we can reuse them.