Feb 26, 2008

It's my husband's Birthday & he's Crazy about making beer

Jarrod's bday today! we already went out this weekend but I am making him some cupcakes today too. He loves german chocolate cake and carrot cake so I am making both in cupcakes. Jarrod didn't even like beer until we moved to WA. Now he loves all those super dark ones like Porter and Stout, taste like coffee to me and they are chewy. But he likes them. We only meet in the middle on beer like Ambers, Browns and sometimes a wheaty hef. 
  Jarrod got a bug about making beer around Christmas time when we had no money. SO I ordered him a book about making it that had a lot of good reviews for being a good beginner book. Well he just couldn't stop talking about it! I told him that this week we could go to the brewery supply store and get him set up but he just couldn't be patient and two weeks ago he ran into town and bought everything. Pretty much cleaned us out so this beer better be good.

Right now he is making and Amber ale. He got all the stuff you need to make it and then store in a "keg" thing he bought too. Some people bottle it but he heard it was a pain in the ass. The first few days it's all totally gross looking and bubbly and it's basically brewing itself after it's been cooked. He keeps it in this huge bottle and it was all gross looking. But the third day or so it calmed down (it was all swirling around and bubbling for three days) and he filtered out the gross crap and put into another bottle for 3 weeks. Right now it's just sitting here in the office. Here is a picture of it the first couple days when it was all gross looking.
SO since he's spoiled his bday already I am NOT getting him anything else! 
On another note I've started my seeds for garden already. Last year I started them in March and some of them weren't ready. But I have realized that I cannot get a lot of heirloom seeds, like tomatoes, to grow here. They grow but they never get a long enough season, or hot enough to get much fruit if any. So avoid disappointment this year I've bought only seeds for a short, cool season instead. But now since I've done that I am wondering if I have started them too early? I have no idea but I guess I will find out. Most I won't be able to plant until May 1st or very near that date. The rest have to planted directly outside since they don't transplant well. Jarrod built this little shlef on the window though so my starts can get some light while they aren't under my grow lights taking turns since I only have one.

So I must be getting back to my aprons. I have gotten a lot of positive response, but also custom orders that I need to finish. I am not a Walmart sweatshop and it takes some time for me to make these! I do like making them though.


  1. Steve [my husband] also LOVES beer. We've made several batches together. How is your batch turning out? Have you bottled it yet?

  2. Well it turned OK I think, except it's not the kind of beer I like. I thought it would be a teensy bit lighter and less bitter. Also Jarrod thinks it's not bubbly enough! I say it's an ale so it's not supposed to be that bubbly... anyway! not bad for the first batch but I think his wheels are already turning on the next batch.