Apr 18, 2008

Roller DErby Kicks ASS!!!!

Last weekend Jarrod (husband) and I went to the 2nd bout of the Bellingham Roller Betties roller derby. It was the "waste not want not" match and it totally rocked. I've never been to a roller derby before but this advertised beer garden and food so I was all over it! The girls are so cool, all wearing there glam gear and battle make-up. I was really tempted to ask about joining but these ladies break bones on a regular basis so I thought I better not since I am paranoid about breaking things, but it sure looks fun! The beer garden had it's own section on green turf nonetheless and I ran into a bellydancing friend of mine so we all sat together. It was so fun, I really got into and I'm not much of a spectator sport type. I don't like watching sports, I think it's boring. But this is AWESOME!!!!! I didn't have a favorite team so I kept rooting for them both. They all have really funny/cool names and I was so impressed with their lack of self-conciousness. They were all stripped to skivvies, short skirts, and ruffle panties with tights or short shorts and I would say the majority were not waify at all. Not that I think they were "big girls" but they were not beanpoles and I think that is very cool.

For the low-waste part they had all the beer cups made from corn so they are super biodegradeable, and everything in the place was recyclable, even the food! The waste department for the city was there handing out free grocery totes and there were recycling bins for everything all over the place. They had super rad music too. So....if you ever have the opportunity to go to a girls roller derby, I highly recommend them. If you want to look for one in your area, try entering "roller derby" and your state into Google, you are sure to come up with a few hits. :) And have fun!

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