Jul 14, 2008

Clean your Veggies! And eat them too

Well sorry I am not posting so often. I am so busy in my garden in the summer, and I celebrated my 30th bday in CA with my nephew and rest of family on the last week of June. I'm a busy girl right now! Although not busy with my crafty stuff :( Hopefully I will have time soon. I was washing my kale and snap peas from the garden in a bowl of water when I was reminded of the Oprah Earth Day show which I totally LOVED that she did and had all these fantastic topics and information for the masses who may not have otherwise accessed it. I remembered there was a friend of Julia Robert's (who was also on the show) on there who had a recipe for a veggie spray to clean your veggies and fruits. I am going to get the stuff to make it tonight, but I thought I would share it with you as well if you are interested.

Sophie Uliano's Veggie Cleaner Spray
Sophie Uliano's veggie cleaner spray

If you can't buy organic produce, you need to make sure you wash it thoroughly. Use this spray to make sure your fruit and vegetables are squeaky clean.
Combine all ingredients in a large container or large bowl (baking soda will fizz up at first). Then, transfer to a spray bottle with a pump. Spray mixture on produce, and rinse thoroughly after 5 to 10 minutes. She said on the show that it takes 5-10 min to get all the pesticide residue and waxes to come off from your veggies and fruits. But also with organic you need to wash as well because of the manure, compost and possible other things they may use for fertilizer and/or pests that aren't necessarily safe to ingest (ie. diatomaceous earth I use in my garden). IF you are interested in Sophie's website and other green ideas check out her awesome website Gorgeously Green!

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