Jul 29, 2008

My Verdict on the "Nicole" line by OPI

Ok saw this stuff at the local walgreens and liked the color Turbo Teal. I vaguely remembered reading something about OPI making a formaldehyde free line of of their nail polish. I'm not a super nails done kinda girl but once in awhile I get bored and paint my nails like a lot of others. I like it. My toes look prettier than they have ever looked. Even covered in dirt from the garden and splattered in raspberry jam from making jam tonight. In fact I think my raspberry jam kinda goes with Turbo Teal. http://www.nicolebyopi.com/ourphilosophy I think I am gonna paint Gypsy's nails now too to match. We just got finished filing hers down with the dremmel tonight. Although I am not sure if she will sit still for this...

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