Jan 20, 2009

Knitting my own "design" sucks!

I am trying to knit a scarf for a friend. I committed to knitting this project about this time last year. I put it off because A. I have AD/HD and i put lots of things off for reasons that are not apparent to me. and B. because I knit him another scarf and the flute tote bag (previously posted) before I started on this one and I thought I had lots of time because I had all summer (during which I didn't knit at all for anyone). I thought this project would be easy because basically it's a scarf with big blocked letters on it. Only two colors, shouldn't be that difficult right? wrong. I don't know something about matching the letters to make sure they are all proportionate is making me fussy. I've already frogged a letter out once and I am starting over again. It's the letter "A" and I can't get it right. Not to mention this scarf is a huge pain in my ass cause it's all about spools everywhere and I didn't realize that when I said I would make it. I've never done that before, and it's a mess! I am just learning as I go. Which may mean there is a much easier way to do this and I will not know until I spend a year trying to knit this thing. Now I keep finding reasons why I cannot work on it, like I am too busy having fun on the weekends, etc... but I have 14 MORE LETTERS TO GO!!!!!!! Holy crap I will never get this done. You are welcome to tell me any info you know to make this easier. I'm already using clothespins for spools..... oh and I cannot disclose what it says, it's top secret for now.

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