Jan 31, 2008

Creative Idea for Valentines Day Gift

So while I'm driving to work yesterday I hear the dj talking about these romance novels that you can personalize. These people write a new one every year or something like that and then you can order which ever title you like and then you supply a list of information about each of you two to the site and they produce a romance novel starring you and your significant other. You can order hardback or paperback and the prices start at $39 and go up from there depending on HOW much you personalize it. You also have the option of ordering the "mild" or "wild" version of the story. I guess you can even put your picture on it if you want.
  I am not a fan of valentines day or romance novels. But I know plenty of people who are and the dj on the radio personally attested his "wild" version of the novel he ordered for his wife has really spiced up the romance with them. I can see that working :) Besides I think this novel thing is a really neat idea at least. Women have a lot going on in their heads and sometimes a book can really put your thoughts in the right place! This could also be a good Anniversary gift or bday, whatever you think is appropriate. Anyway if any of you are interested this is the site Your Novel Now this isn't something that you make yourself but it's still creative and personal.

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