Jan 8, 2008

Making The Baby Mohawk Hat

Well a few months ago I decided that I wanted to make a mohawk hat for my nephew. This was before I joined Etsy and saw a seller making them as well. So I was wondering where I would find a pattern. I had seen the Punk Rock Knits Book on amazon and I knew they had a mohawk hat pattern in it. I think the Domiknitrix book also has one. 
So I checked it out from the library and saw they only had a pattern for adults. I didn't want to do the math to shrink the pattern and the base of the hat didn't look suited to a baby. So I thought a helmet hat pattern would be a good base and then I would thread the yarn for the mohawk using the technique they used in the book. I found a baby helmet hat pattern from this "Hey Julie" site http://heyjulie.wordpress.com/2007/03/20/babykids-earflap-hat/

My nephews head was about 18" at the time so I used the pattern for the 16" hat since the pattern says the sizes are for heads bigger than that.
Then I used a thicker yarn for the mohawk, and I got it in a fun color mix that I thought looked punky. And I followed these directions from the Domiknitrix book:
"Cut 150 3-4" pieces of Lambs Pride bulky yarn for the hair. Cut hair longer than needed, then later give it haircut for the best mohawk.
Working on RS, insert your crochet hook through a knitted dt at the front center of hat. Fold a piece of yarn in half and slide the yarn onton the crochet hook at the fold. Pull the fold through the st, creating a loop. Cont hooking hair onto hat every few rows, working from the center front to center back. The more densley you place the yarn, the more dramatic the mohawk effect. Once all the hair is in place, you may choose to give it a trim until you're pleased the length of your mohawk. Don't make the mohawk any wider than 2" or the effect won't be as grand. Add hair 5-9 rows across. then taper the width at the nape of the neck. 
Then I was finished. But after looking at it and trimming it, I thought the mohawk didn't seem "stiff" enough. And since I used an acrylic yarn on the base and a felting type yarn on the mohawk, I thought I would try to felt the mohawk even though it wasn't all knitted together like regular felted items. After felting, pieces of the mohawk hairs were kind of chunky, and definitely more stiff! I also made a couple of crochet cords and attached them to the ends of the earflaps to keep it on his head. I thought it looked pretty cool and so I mailed it off to the nephew to see how he liked it.
Here are pics before i sent it to him (put it on my knee to see how the mohawk would "stand"):

A few days later I got some pics of Noah wearing the hat and I guess he has received a lot of compliments!

Isn't Noah just the cutest? :) I am biased of course.

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