Jan 18, 2008

I'm a busy bee

Sorry i haven't post much. I have been very busy working on some new projects that are not jewelry items! I have grand plans to open another etsy store but I want to have a few items to sell before I set it up. I also want to keep the new stuff a surprise for now, hopefully it won't take me more than a month. I've also begun taking a metal-working class. It's 3 hours every Tuesday and so far it's SOOOOO cool! I have always wanted to learn but I didn't realize there was a place that taught it around here. As soon as I found out I signed up for the beginning class. It's pretty neat so far, there are 6 of us and all women. Most of them are much older than I but they are much more fearless. I get jittery and nervous around loud tools and those torches and gas tanks make me nervous! I shouldn't have drank so much coffee either cause I was a little shakey with the torch, but I figured it out so far. I have a feeling I have a new expensive hobby in my future. Once I finish my first project I will post a pic, the first project will be a pendant made with copper and brass. I haven't decided exactly what I plan to design but I have a lot of ideas. The second project will be a cuff bracelet, i can't wait for that one! January seems like it's a slow month for sales. Maybe no one likes what i have right now I guess I will find out.

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