Mar 11, 2008

New Knitty! New Knitty!

I was just sitting here thinking to myself "hey! next week is the spring equinox....there must be a new knitty soon!" and went there , low and behold the spring 2008 issue is already up! WOOOHOO! and better yet, i think it looks better than any issue I've ever seen. ....I should be this excited, i'll never find the time to tackle those projects! but I want to! and that's what counts....I think...

1 comment:

  1. I have no clue how to knit. Or sew. Or cook. I am the anti-Martha Stewart.

    I'm going to link to you if that's okay. =)

    OH - random - did you notice that the woman I wrote about last night is no longer on MySpace? Her profile was gone this morning. Hmmm. Wonder why?