Mar 5, 2008

Money and Hard Work

I feel like I must explain my prices for the HotDish aprons I am selling. I know there are other aprons that are cheap and serve their purpose. The ones I am selling are made with designer print fabrics which actually cost quite a bit for a yard, also I launder all that fabric, spend 4-8 hours just making ONE, and I make them very well with two layers of fabric (for most aprons unless it says otherwise). 
Shipping for fabric to me, driving back and forth to fabric store, ironing, cutting, pinning, different color threads, patterns, site fees....all this stuff costs money unfortunately and A LOT of time for me to produce them and finally ship them to you. I search all over the place to find these materials for as low a cost as I can, and I then I price the finished apron.  
  Don't get me wrong! I really enjoy making them and my jewelry. I do and and if I made lots of money already I would be making them for charity or for my friends for free! I am not making lots of moulah at the moment and I work very hard at my job and so does my husband. We are fairly low-income at the moment. Though we love where we live, it comes at a price of not many career options. So I choose to do this for some extra dough. The fact is I don't make much profit on these aprons. Much less than minimum wage for the labor that's for sure. So if you've been looking at them and wondering why they are more 20 bucks, it is because it costs more than that to make them. I try to price them as low as possible, but I may even have to raise them slightly cause I am barely making profits as is. I don't want to raise them! But I cannot justify all the costs without doing so. I would like to continue making them and if I get lucky enough to mass produce for less then I will let you all know right here. My aprons are unique, they are handmade, they are high quality and therefore cost a little more than average. I am not a Walmart sweatshop! Nor would I ever want to be one. But I just want to make sure you all know that I am not trying to rip anyone off. Just trying to make some hard earned money and have fun while doing it.

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  1. OMG. Do we have pages on ALL of the same websites? You have the cutest stuff. If I had a clue how to cook I'd totally buy an apron or three...

    RYC: Yes, we leave for Mexico on April 9. We're excited b/c we've never been to that side of Mexico before.

    I love your layout here BTW.