May 9, 2008

MEow Meow kitties Attack!

WTF? I am a kitty beacon or what? As you may or may not know, there has been construction in front of my house for about a month now. They are moving our road away from our house about 50 feet. The thing is, across the old road is a big strip of trees and brush that has separated some lawns from the road, and this where a lot of strays seem to find themselves. Seems that the noise and big construction machines are scaring these cats out of the woods. The last batch of strays (Alice and Tater) were living over there.

Then this last kitty we have at the moment, Harley, we are not sure if he is from over there or not. But now another cat showed up in my front yard yesterday when I got home from running errands. After I pulled in the driveway this cute little lady walked up to me with some hungry sounding "meow meows" and she was crusty with no collar and thin. I fed her and she totally pigged out and drank the water I gave her. I would be surprised if she belongs to anyone, and if she does, they don't deserve her if this is the way they treat her. SSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we have yet ANOTHER stray cat in the garage, living in the big dog crate. We already started dewoming her and she's very cuddly. She loves to eat and seems to be quite happy with the new situation, although a little nervous.

Earlier this week we paid to have Harley spayed and tested for feline aids and leukemia. Even with a coupon from the Alternative Humane Society, the bill was over $100 bucks. Now some of you might think this is crazy, but I cannot turn my head and look the other way when I see stray dogs or cats, how can you???? At the very least you can take them to the humane society. There are TONS of stray cats and dogs and besides being overpopulated and neglected, many of these animals are sick, passing diseases to one another (and your cats if you let them outside) and they are breeding like CRAZY. This is a community responsibility. We should all take this responsibility and there wouldn't be this problem! I can't afford this but I am not going to ignore these sick and/or starving animals wandering around my neighborhood and I really can't understand why ALL of my neighbors ignore it! It's heartless and cruel.

I have 4 cats already and a tiny house, so even though these strays are all lovely and sweet I cannot afford to keep them. I spay and neuter them because in the chance they become stray again, they won't be spreading babies around all over the county. The stray cat population in our county has grown over 200% in my county in the past 5 years..... IF this is happening in my county you better believe it's happening in yours! Take some responsibility, even if you don't want to keep any, you can help. Call your local shelters there are plenty of them around to help. Post an ad in craigslist with the requirement to neuter or spay when they are adopted. And stop leaving your cats outside! It doesn't matter if you think they like it or not, it's not safe for them be outdoors.

FYI- if anyone is interested in my aprons or jewelry stuff, feel good shopping there knowing that most if not all of my "profits" are going towards taking care of these animals and all of my 7 pets (4 cats and 3 big dogs) as well that were rescued. Not that this is supposed to be plug, but I can't handle this by myself! I am NOT an ANimal Shelter!!!! And our local non-kill shelter stopped fostering cats, so they have nowhere to go except the regular Humane Society and you better believe that kitty season is from Spring through fall and no adult cats are getting adopted, they are just getting euthanized. So I am not taking them there. I have a tiny 1050 sq ft home, it barely fits us as is, but I have to do this because it's the responsible thing to do for us, and our community and these sweet cats and dogs who cannot help themselves. They cannot speak for themselves either, so give them a voice and help. YOu can find A LOT of your local shelters listed on

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