Dec 19, 2007

PEACE Wreath- Neat Idea

Last year i read this article about a lady who had this peace wreath up on her house during the holidays. I think it's really cute but apparently some people in her neighborhood did not like it and the head person of the neighborhood association had a kid who went to Iraq. She said it was offensive and that they were gonna fine her for every day she had it up until she took it down. Here is the article if you would like to read it yourself.
I could not believe that any one would think this was OK!!!! As if saying "Peace On Earth, Goodwill Towards Men" is offensive! So I went to Michaels Crafts to get supplies to make my own wreath.
I saw some of these wreaths on sale online, they are fresh wreaths made with real pine. They are very nice if you can afford them. I could not. But I could afford a large wreath at Michaels, some fake-bendy pine boughs and some lights. 

I took the original wreath and using the bendy wire parts of the fake pine boughs I attached them down the middle and on the sides to make a peace sign out of the wreath. Try not to let the boughs get "messy" or it's difficult to distinguish the sign. Then I added some sparkly bows I got for 99 cents and wrapped the peace wreath in LED lights. It will last forever and I have it up on the house this year as well. This is my wreath
It cost me less thank 20 bucks to make! So if you have wanted one of these, go ahead and make one. It may be late in the season but it will be in good shape for years to come.

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