Dec 18, 2007

Pumpkin Hat for Babies

OK I knit this cute little hat that looks like a pumpkin for nephew this fall. It's SO adorable on him and it was fairly easy to knit. I got the pattern from a book called "Itty Bitty Hats" by Susan B. Anderson if you would like to find it. Here is Noah at the pumpkin patch for Halloween!
I have been knitting for a few years now. I learned from a book called Stitch N Bitch. I know there are a few good books out there now for beginning knitters though. I am not really a fast knitter though, I kind of knit how I read books, just when I have the time. So i am not sure that I will ever make anything for my store to sell but I still like it and it's something to keep my hands busy when I watch tv. Of course my cats are hard to keep away from it while I knit but my husband helps with that when he is around. A little trick I use is those duster cans you get for cleaning your computer. They are basically air but my cats don't like the noise, so if they get too close I just spray the can a little and it makes this "hisssss" they don't like. Now they all know about the can and I just set it next to my knitting if they can't help themselves. Then they just lay down and observe. My dogs don't like the noise either so it has come in handy!
Right now I am working on a mohawk hat for my nephew. I thought I was being so clever knitting a mohawk hat in baby size. Then I signed up with etsy and I see someone is already making profits on it! Funny thing is a couple years ago I kept planning on knitting a hat to look like a mohawk and I couldn't find any patterns for it so I thought I was being so original! I just kept putting it off though and then the Punk Rock Knits book came out and it had a mohawk hat pattern in it! AAARRRRGGGHH!!! It seems no ideas are new these days....

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